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 Gilt Bullion in Rose Dupioni Silk and Brass Drops

$325 US

*Note:  This sumptuous collar is priced at $130 US without bells and drops at 2" width, see pictures in the Signature Collection on page 2.  It is available in Red, Lavender, and occasionally other collars, please inquire!




Aziza looking "Saluki-licious" in Posh Pawz






Customized Elephant Escapade Collar

$245 US

Shown above are two individualized Elephant Escapade Collars, with four smaller golden tassels, four set of brass bells with velvet, and large center tassel.  Lined in Dupioni Silk and Velvet, and designed with solid brass hardware, this goppy and luxurious collar is 3 1/2" in width.



Side View

Jewel models the Customized Elephant Escapade Martingale from the Saluki Splendor Collection

 Ch. Windstorm's Radiant Jewel is "making love to the camera" in Toronto, modeling for a Posh Pawz Fashion Show and Photo Shoot.  She was stunning and the ultimate professional, ...you work it girl!



Also available in black and copper as shown below:


(available with brass drops or tassel detailing $245 US)




Bohemian Dream Beaded Collar (no drops)


Suede (who thinks he's a Saluki) doesn't seem to take his modeling career quite as seriously nor as enthusiastically as he once did.  Napping in his Bohemian Dream  Beaded Collar, Suede sleeps well, knowing he looks his most ever posh best!


This fantastic new collar is everything wonderful...all wrapped in velvet!  Every color in the rainbow of beading, sequins and bullion come together to create a look so different and so very in, with its exquisite Middle Eastern flavor.

Designed here using cognac velvet, but available in any shade of velvet, this collar is pictured as a 2" martingale, but may also be made to a 1 1/2" width. 

Won't your dog be dreaming of their Bohemian Dream Collar tonight?




Suede wearing the Bohemian Dream with Wooden Tassels, Bells and Baubles, on Burgundy Velvet and Solid Brass Hardware.


Current Bohemian Dream trimmings available:

Black, Teal and Gold


Persimmon, Taupe and Gold




Bumped Up Bohemian Dream...with Major Tassel and Bells with Velvet

$195 US




Sultan's Treasure

Solid brass drops (2" in length) enhanced by brass bells drip beneath a lavish 3 1/2" jacquard infused with subtle gold threads which catch the light.  Also available in crimson and gold, the king of all paisleys, this is one not to be missed!

$245 US




Elephant Escapade in Grey

Gilt wooden/silk tassels in pale blue with brass bells dangle beneath 3 1/2" of tightly woven silk jacquard.  Paired with Wedgwood blue velvet; just stunning.






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Candis Noble, designer 450-458-4345



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These collars are over the top in width and Saluki style! (2 1/2" - 3 1/2")

They are lined with Dupioni Silk. Designed as Double Loop Martingale collars; detailed using solid brass hardware. 

The second loop is finished in luxurious velvet in a 2" width.

Available by special order

Actual collar pictures soon to come.




Any Posh Pawz trim may be embellished...Bedouin Style!

Add Bell Clusters, Tassel Drops, Brass Dangles...let your imagination run wild!  Let talk design!




Saluki Snoods!




Basheera in Posh Pawz





Plush Velvet Leashes

Coordinate your Posh Pawz collar with one of the many sumptuous shades of Posh Pawz' velvet leads...

Swiss Velvet Dog Leashes...any size, width and color.  Designed just for you and your dog!




















































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2 1/2" Zari available in French Blue