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Posh Pawz' Gorgeous Gorgete

Not curently available


Posh Pawz is happy to introduce a new line of "little dog" adornments.  The Posh Pawz Gorgete.  Not a working collar, but a lovely neckpiece to adorn the posh-est little ones....the purse dogs....the "don't ever let my feet touch the ground" babies we love to drape in all sorts of glittering Oh La La!

If your Chihuahua, Yorkie,  Italian Greyhound or other small breed can handle the resulting Paparazzi, then the Posh Pawz Gorgete was made for him and her!  



Rhinestone Encrusted Velvet Gorgetes

Not for use on leash, decorative purposes only


  Swarovski Crystal Martingale Collar...My whippet boy Suede can hardly contain his excitement!  
While My Pretty One Sleeps...

Sleepy Boy Suede, in his 5 brooch Velvet Martingale...full of goppy and delicious genuine Austrian Crystals he sparkles just as much as his personality does...uh when he's awake that is!



 Now there are several options for Posh Pawz Brooch Collars and Gorgetes

Classic Crystal Brooch 25mm


Rainbow Crystal Brooch 20mm unavailable


Rainbow Flower Crystal Brooch 22mm unavailable


Round Crystal Brooch 20 mm


Round Petit Crystal Brooch 16mm


Pricing for various brooches to be updated shortly, in the meanwhile please inquire





  Austrian Crystal 5 Brooch Velvet Martingale Collar

1 1/2" Wide (working collar)

  $215 US



Posh Pawz' Austrian Crystal Brooch Martingales work with any budget...just choose the number of Crystals you'd like!  Each Crystal Square is a massive 25mm wide.

Three Brooches $145 US
Four Brooches $180 US
Five Brooches $215 US
Six Brooches $250 US
Seven Brooches $285 US
Eight Brooches $320 US


So many choices and combinations; There's a size perfect for any breed!  Shown here is the Posh Pawz Signature Crystal Necklace in Emerald Cut, The stunning Crystal Brooch Martingale, Marquise Cut Crystal Encrusted Collar, and Signature Posh Pawz; the La Noblesse.






Exquisitely delicious!

Three goppy glittering Austrian Crystal Brooches dance along a sparkling band of Emerald Cut Crystals upon a bed or rich sensuous velvet.  

Your choice of Velvet and width (1 1/2" or 2")





Signature Brooch Martingale and Necklace Ensemble

Tweed; wanting equal-time in front of the camera, poses wearing his Three-Brooch Cognac Martingale and Austrian Crystal Hound Necklace....because you never really can have too much of a wonderful thing! 

Say it with me...

 "If less is more, more is better!"


Not sure if you Non-Sighthound Dog can wear a Posh Pawz Crystal Martingale?  Shown here is  the exclusive 5 Brooch Martingale with Crystal Brooch embellished Velvet Lead and Silver Tassel, designed as a side release collar...perfect for any breed! 



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Candis Noble, designer 450-458-4345



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Shimmering Austrian Crystal stones on a bed of black velvet dance around the neck of this stunning Standard Poodle.

With her Posh Pawz Crystal Necklace draped below, she's ready to prance around town!...

Could she be any happier?

Poodles in Rhinestones and Crystals...what could be better!



Suede, always the Diva...Uh, did I mention he's a boy?

 Okay...well, he's neutered.


Rhinestone Bauble Charm  $18 US

Fun and delicate this 12 mm rhinestone bauble will add just the right sparkled touch when added to your collar.



Austrian Crystal Hound Necklaces

Luxurious crystals dripping in deliciousness...

Paired with La Noblesse (pictured at the left) and your hound will positively rule!

Only from Posh Pawz!

Crystal Hound Dog Necklaces...exclusively Posh Pawz!



Signature Collection double velvet lead with Rhinestone glittering rhinestone slide. $65