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It all started with a concept...

Posh Pawz began with a single design concept, elegance in pattern and styling.  My first design was the Renaissance Manteau...from that single inspiration, the Renaissance Collection sprung and the Posh Pawz look began to evolve.

It's the "what if's" and "why nots"....that led to that foundation line, The Posh Pawz Renaissance Coat and Collar Collections back in 2001.  Since then, more "hmmm's" and "let's trys" have brought us to where we are today. 

I hope you'll enjoy seeing dogs, the way I do, ...right here, through my eyes.

Candis Noble-Harris, designer



The Renaissance Collection is comprised of Posh Pawz' exclusively designed  Manteaux (Coats) and Martingale Collars which are designed using Posh Pawz' Luxurious Tapestry, Chenille, Velvet, Jacquard and Damask Fabrics and Trims. Posh Pawz' Renaissance Collars and Coats; made to coordinate, will have your Posh Pup being the best dressed dog in town!

Create a look completely your own...it's the Renaissance Collection; a rebirth in Dog Attire Design!







Posh Pawz' Manteaux offer the maximum in comfort, design, and flexibility of use. Each design complements the breed of the dog wearing it.  Whether a Whippet, Greyhound, Saluki, Beagle, Poodle, Yorkie, Terrier, Chinese Crested, Pit Bull, Dalmatian, Irish Setter, Afghan, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pug, Manchester Terrier, Min Pin, Italian Greyhound, Beagle, Boxer, Doberman, Basenji or Dachshund.  Whatever the breed...

Posh Pawz will create a unique design; a unique look for your unique dog



 Tweed; wearing his Red Rococo Scroll Manteau in the new Shawl Cut (featuring  lay-back collar and full sash with large ornate waist clasp.  Front clasp may vary).  Choose from the fabulous Renaissance fabric collection to design the perfect custom manteau for your posh pup. 

Pricing for all Renaissance coats is as follows:

Renaissance Coats


 Shawl Cut


Small  13" and under

$165.00 US

Add $10 US

Add $12 US

Medium  14-21

$180.00 US

Add $12 US

Add $20 US

Large  22"-27"

$195.00 US

Add $15 US

Add $25 US

Extra Large  28"-34"

$235.00 US

Add $18 US

Add $30 US

*Specialized Cording Detail




*Monogrammed Detail






Tweed; Ch.Windward Baccarat Whirlwind

istands proudly in his Tapestry and Faux Fur Manteau, sans Leg-Warmers or Hood.  All Posh Pawz coats are handmade and made to measure.  

Decorative Pewter Finished Clasps combine function with a sophisticated sense of understated elegance on all my Renaissance designs.



Complete Tapestry and Faux-Fur ensemble

Tweed ,now ready for brisk weather; is (as always) at his most fashionable best!

Posh Pawz Trademark Leg-Warmers

My exclusively designed leg-warmers are one of a kind and are designed to be independent of the coat, moving with the dog in an unrestrictive  manner; allowing for freedom of movement with no pulling. 

The  separate hood comes complete with an elastic drawstring to encompass the face, or roll down as a neck warmer... as well, all Posh Pawz' Hoods come with a handy Leash-Opening in back.




Renaissance Faux Fur Hoods



$36.00 US


$40.00 US

Extra Large

$44.00 US



Renaissance Faux Fur Scarves



$44.00 US

Extra Large

$48.00 US



Renaissance Faux Fur Leg Warmers



$100.00 US


$115.00 US

Extra Large

$135.00 US



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Candis Noble, designer 450-458-4345



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NEW Renaissance Fabrics

Delectable rich and soft Chenilles, Tapestries and Velvets await your perusal, click the image below to view the fabulous new Posh Pawz fabric collection...


Matching Renaissance Collars

Why not coordinate your Posh Pawz Renaissance Manteau with a matching Renaissance Collar? 

Choose from any of the many sumptuous fabrics to create your posh ensemble!  Click on the collars below...


Faux Fur Scarves

Pair a sleek black or brown fur scarf with the New Elizabethan Manteau, or the Red Rococo scroll Manteau...or dress up a faux Leather coat with one of the fantastic patterned Scarves.  An added bonus, the Extra-Large sized scarves are perfectly fitted so you too can wear one to match your hound...how cool is that?!


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