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Poshberry Collars 1" and 1 1/2"





Poshberry Stripe 1 1/2"                            Adjustable Collar $56 US

Poshberry Stripe 1"                                     Adjustable Collar $50 US

Can be made with matching lead


Steeplechase 1 1/2"                                   Adjustable Collar $50 US


Preppy Pink and Black 1 1/2"                   Adjustable Collar $50 US


Pink Flamingo 1"                                          Adjustable Collar $48 US


Sorority Rush 1 1/2"                                   Adjustable Collar $50 US


Dewey Beach Boardwalk"                          Adjustable Collar $50 US


Baby Pink and Black 1"                              Adjustable Collar $48 US


Ooooooo Miss Grace 1 1/2"                        Adjustable Collar $50 US
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