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Single Loop Martingale Collar

The most widely chosen favorite, is the Single Loop Collar, which is a modified martingale.  It is a nice choice for the widest variety of dog breeds, as well, it is particularly suited to sighthounds; as it is not only safe, but also uses less hardware and has fewer seams; allowing for less bulk and weight around your dog's neck while ensuring the intricate elegant patterning in many of the trims not to be broken up visually. 

It is wonderfully sleek in appearance and fits smoothly along the dog's neck when adjusted; the look remaining simple and clean.

The collar is also a safe martingale in that it slips over the dog's head and adjusts to fit using the slides.  When on leash, the Single-Loop Slip Collar slips into action, snugly forming a P-shape...keeping your dog from backing out of his collar and allowing your dog both comfort and safety while looking his posh best! 

Always remember to be vigilant and adjust those slides each time any martingale collar is used to assure a safe fit for your dog.



Double Loop Martingale Collar

The Double Loop Collar is simply the classic adjustable Martingale Collar.  Widely used and made popular by sighthounds, it is also an excellent choice for many breeds.  Safe and secure this collar design is comprised of two loops, one adjustable, the other fixed. 

When used, the double loop style slips around your dog, and also slips into action by forming a symmetrical V-shape as it attaches to your lead; keeping your dog safe from "backing out" of his collar. 

One extra slide and a few more seams than the Single Loop, the double loop martingale is visually busy...so if you want to see more of your trimming's design, this may not be the collar style for you.  While, a little less sleek than the single loop martingale design above, it's benefits are that it is a safe and practical collar in the classic martingale design.

Always remember to be vigilant and adjust those slides each time any martingale collar is used to assure a safe fit for your dog.

Posh Pawz'  Ultimate Tag Collar

The Ultimate Tag Collar is a terrific choice for those who want an adjustable collar solely for dog tags.  This tag collar features two slides, one working and one stable, with no D ring.  A nice sleek functioning tag collar without the extra weight of excess width and hardware. 

Perfect for use as a greyhound tag collar, worn just below a martingale collar.  This tag collar may be embellished with any Posh Pawz' charms or tassels to add a bit of drama to your dogs' tags and may be made with any Posh Pawz trim!



No-Slip Collar

A new design by Posh Pawz, The No-Slip Colllar....for those of you that love the look of a martingale, but don't want the slipping action of either the Single Loop or Double Loop Martingale styles.  It is the Ultimate Tag Collar except it has the D ring!

Not suited as a walking collar for Sighthounds, but for breeds who typically use a Side-Release Collar, who don't want the look of a nylon buckle.  The No-Slip Collar can be adjusted for fit to your dog's neck size, but unlike the Side Release collar, it slides over your dog's head, versus buckling at the side.

Finally a No-Slip Collar....without the buckle!

Only from Posh Pawz


Side-Release Collars

The Side-Release Collar is also an adjustable collar, but unlike the two martingale collars above, the Side-Release Collar doesn't slide over the dog's neck, it opens to wrap around the neck. 

They work especially well with dogs whose heads are larger than their necks

and with dogs who don't require a collar to cinch-in at the neck.  This collar is not recommended for sighthounds.  Once adjusted it lays in one size around the neck, with fewest seam breaks, showing off your beautiful Posh Pawz decorative trimming.

It is the classic collar design one typically sees.  Posh Pawz uses black nylon buckle-clasps whose strength and durability are unmatched by cheap plastic buckles.  While the look is similar, the quality definitely isn't.  This design is perfect for many breeds but is definitely not recommended for sighthounds.

Just $4/collar...$2/leash


All Posh Pawz collars are styled by default using Nickel hardware...but now your dog has choice!

All Posh Pawz 1", 1 1/2" and 2" collars, now have the option of having either Nickel or Solid Brass fittingsJust imagine how well Posh Pawz' new brass fittings will compliment any of Posh Pawz' gilt trims! 

Nope, this isn't brass "plated", ...nor is it that heavy clunky horse hardware...but perfectly balanced elegant solid brass pieces; which come together creating not only a good looking collar, but also one that won't weigh your dog down!

Posh Pawz in brass...who knew?


Collar Considerations

If your dog is particularly hard on his/her collars, or will be using their Posh Pawz collar for rough and tumble play, please inquire about the wear of that particular Posh Pawz trim you're considering.  Some decorative trimmings are sturdier than others and I'm happy to help you choose one to best suit your dog's needs. 

Please note however, that no Posh Pawz collar is guaranteed against normal trim and material wear, scratching, chewing, or excessive tugging or pulling.

Collar Lining

All collars, whether Single Loop, Double Loop or Side-Release come lined with soft plush velvet.  If your dog requires a different lining or none at all Posh Pawz will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Collar Extra Large Size Pricing

Pricing for all Posh Pawz collars is shown next to each trim...for collars sized  20" and over up to 27", an extra $6 US per collar will apply.  Collars sized 28" and over up to $34" an extra $10 US per collar will apply.

Collar Care

All Posh Pawz Adjustable Collars can be easily cleaned to maintain their appearance and remove surface dirt.  Posh Pawz only recommends cleaning your collar using the following method.

Gently hand wash your collar with a mild liquid soap like Woolite TM; rinse well and hang or lay flat to dry.  In the case of the Signature Collection Collars, please ask about specific collar cleaning instructions.

Always remember to be vigilant and adjust those slides each time any collar is used to assure a safe fit for your dog.

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