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Weekend Posh

Weekend Posh is all about a relaxed sense of ease and comfort...and as always; about style!  Practical, washable, good looking dudz; that's what makes Posh Pawz Weekend Wear an absolute must!  This Weekend Posh Manteau is modeled by Puppy Anäis, a wonderful Navy thick-ribbed Cordoroy with Brilliant Autumn-Toned Anti-Pill Fleece. 

Along with the typical cordoroy offerings of Black, Navy, Red, Green, Brown and Burgundy, Posh Pawz is excited to introduce these new spectacularly yummy cordoroy shades for the 2006 season!  Pair these with soft coordinating fleece, and you've got a chic classic look.....worried about warmth?  We can interline your Weekend Manteau with Thinsulate TM, adding luxurious warmth, without the bulk!

Punjab Palace Fleece

Pair with Burgundy, Green, or even Fuchsia Fleece

Burnt Orange Cordoroy

Pair with Fall Leaves Fleece or Chocolate Fleece

Fall Leaves Fleece

Pair iwth Chocolate or Cream Fleece

Nordic Paisley Fleece

Pair with Magenta Fleece

Cognac Cordoroy

Pair with Camel Fleece

Dusty Rose Cordoroy

Pair with Charcoal Grey, Cream, Black or Pink Fleece


Bisque Plaid Fleece with Mauve

Use as scarf with a Winter White Cordoroy, or great on it's own as a plaid fleece coat.

Dusty Rose Wide-Ribbed Cordoroy

Pair with Charcoal Grey, Cream, Black or Pink Fleece

Mahogany Fern

Pair with Camel Fleece


Chenille in Purple/Black Plaid

Pair with Black Berber or Fleece

Claret Fern

Pair with Brown Fleece

Muted Squash Cordoroy

Pair with Burgundy or Chocolate Fleece

Persimmon Ultra Wide-Ribbed Cordoroy

Pair with Charcoal Grey, Cream, or Camel Fleece


Toast Plaid Fleece with Fuchsia and Aqua

Use as scarf with any of the Fall toned Cordoroys, or great on it's own as a plaid fleece coat.

Dusty Rust Cordoroy

Pair with Cream, Chocolate or Burgundy Fleece


Chenille Falling Leaves in Persimmon

Pair with Chocolate or Camel Fleece


Posh Weekend Coats



Small  13" and under

$140.00 US

Add $12 US

Medium  14”-21”

$155.00 US

Add $20 US

Large  22"-27"

$170.00 US

Add $25 US

Extra Large  28"-34"

$195.00 US

Add $30 US

*Monogrammed Detail (Please inquire)



A fantastic Scarf adorned with a Wooden Button says it all!  Why not pair this lovely ensemble with a set of matching Fleece Posh Pawz Leg Warmerz!

Posh Weekend Fleece Hoods


Medium $34.00 US
Large $36.00 US
Extra Large $38.00 US

Posh Weekend Classic Scarves (Fleece)



$34.00 US


$36.00 US

Extra Large

$38.00 US


Posh Weekend Leg Warmers (Fleece)



$80.00 US


$90.00 US

Extra Large

$110.00 US

Well, puppy Anäis (Ch. Windward Perlefine de Baccarat J.C.) is now a big girl...all grown up and ready for big girl clothes!

Never one to go out in the same ensemble two days in a row, Anäis sports her Scarlet, Ivory and Charcoal Chenille Gauffré manteau.  Designed with a closed front and long turtleneck, she knows she'll be turning many a stud dog's eye!  

This whimsical fabric has such incredible detailing and design; it's circles are raised and soft to the touch, giving a three dimensional effect which begs to be touched.  Quite the drama alone, or used as an accessory fabric, your dog will be making quite the fashion statement!



Posh Purple Chenille


This rich deep purple chenille weekend coat is the absolute cat's meow!  So soft and cozy, its thick plush nap is something your dog will just sink into.  Molding beautifully to his shape, this cuddly weekend coat is a practical must!  Just throw it in the wash and fluff to dry. 



NEW!  Punjab Palace

Sumptuous Burgundy, Teal, Red, Green, Ochre and Fuchsia ...stunning quiet drama.



NEW!  Nordic Paisley

 Wonderfully luscious magenta with ornate paisley in winter white



Chenille Falling Leaves in Persimmon


This luxuriously cushy Chenille is perfect for Autumn...Stylized falling leaves in Khaki and gold rest on a bed of rich persimmon.  The newest in the Weekend Wear fabric collection.



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New Weekend Wear Fabrics!

Posh Pawz has added a new wonderful collection of colors, tones and textures to it's Weekend Wear Collection.  Burnt Sienna, Ochre, Pumpkin, Wine, Soft Pink and more!


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