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Cozy Fleece Piddle Dog Coats are perfect for those quick dog runs...in and out...on and off...you're done!

The Original Posh Pawz  Posh Piddle Coat

No fiddling,...Just Piddling!


It's early morning, your pup needs to go out and it's freezing!  No time for fiddling with a typical dog coat with all it's snaps, buttons, velcro and buckles, ...bands and belts getting in the way. 

At that moment, your dog means business; there's no time to spare!

That's what the new Posh Piddle Coat is all about!  Just slip it over his head and open the door; warm and practical this no fuss no mess, washable slip has no buttons, velcro, snaps or buckles to deal with.

Fast and simple this little anti-pill fleece slip will keep your pup warm on those quick little jaunts outside in winter...available in just about any color!  Keep it nearby and by the door, because when your dog has to go, he has to go! 

So quick, so easy, just hold it open and...well, my dogs run right into them!  When they tear back into the house, it's "skin the cat" and off it comes...


For the dog who never wants to "do his business" out in the cold, the Posh Piddle Coat...

No fiddling,...Just Piddling!


Cozy and quick, Posh Pawz piddle coats take the chill off in a hurry!

*All Posh Pawz exclusive Piddle Coats now come with a wide Leash Opening!


Posh Piddle Coats



$45.00 US

Medium  (IG etc)

$55.00 US

Large (Whippet etc)

$65.00 US

Extra Large (Greyhound etc)

$75.00 US

Monogrammed Detail



What an exciting find!  These latest two exclusive Posh Pawz Piddle Coat Fabrics are so rich in color and design detail, that you won't be able to believe they are truly Fleece!  Wonderful for both Piddle and Weekend Coats, these patterns are all about color and design!


 The Posh and Swanky Blankie!


Tweed is loving fuchsia and is pausing to model his new Swanky Blankie in Luscious Pink and Brown Fleece Damask  Swanky Blankies can be made in any of the Posh Fleece Fabrics you see to the right.

Perfect for bedtime, traveling, protecting car or sofa seats, using in crates or even for pampering yourself...these stylishly patterned fleece blankies will keep you pup cozy and stylish!  At 4' x 5' they are sure to cover well most breeds, but if you need something larger or smaller, we're happy to accommodate (pricing to be discussed).  

So cool, so funky...Why not have one made to match for yourself as well!

Posh and Swanky Fleece Blankies:  $40 US (4' x 5')







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Posh Pajamas





Desiger Dog Attire, designed by Montreal Interior Designer Candis Noble-Harris


Candis Noble, designer 450-458-4345



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Stunning Damask Inspired Piddle Coat Fleeces

Damask in Pink (Ahhmazing)


Damask in Aqua (Ahhmazing)


 Warm Leopard (Ahhmazing)


Brilliant Tomato Red~ Green Plaid


Brilliant Emerald Plaid


Punjab Palace

(Simply stunning...deep and rich)

Nordic Paisley in Magenta

(A lovely magenta cranberry and white fleece)

Falling Leaves

Claret Fern

Toast Plaid with Fuchsia and Aqua

(Only enough remaining for small and medium sizes, like IG)

Bisque Plaid with Mauve

(Only enough remaining for small and medium sizes, like IG)


Custom Embroidery

Wanting to personalize your posh pup's outfit?  Feel free to add an initial here; a monogram there; Even your Kennel or Business name!  Prices vary, please inquire.

 Custom Embroidery available on all Posh Pawz dog coats!