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The Posh Pawz Original Paw Muffs

Dog booties are a must in most winter locations, but let's face it, they don't always coordinate with our posh pup's ensembles....not to worry, Posh Paw Muffs are adjustable and fit right over your dog's booties, giving new life to tired looking boots!  With booties or without, Posh Pawz' Paw Muffs are just the thing to keep your dog fashionable and toasty this winter.


Posh Pawz Trademark Leg-Warmers with Faux Fur Hood and Renaissance Manteau

My exclusively designed leg-warmers are one of a kind and are designed to be independent of the coat, moving with the dog in an unrestrictive  manner; allowing for freedom of movement with no pulling. 

The  separate hood comes complete with an elastic drawstring to encompass the face, or roll down as a neck warmer... as well, all Posh Pawz' Hoods come with a handy Leash-Opening in back. 

Renaissance Faux Fur Hoods

US Price





Extra Large




Renaissance Faux Fur Scarves

US Price



Extra Large




Renaissance Faux Fur Leg Warmers

US Price





Extra Large




Renaissance Faux Fur Paw Muffs

US Price



Extra Large


Paw Muffs

Posh Pawz' exclusive design, Paw Muffs are the latest in the hound fashion for this fall.  These fashion forward fun muffs are designed not only to keep your dog in fitting style by beautifully coordinating his wardrobe...they're practical too!

If you've ever noticed how your pierced earrings freeze your ears in winter, you'll be able to appreciate how dogs who've had surgery involving metal plates and pins might feel on extra cold days in winter...Paw Muffs will certainly help.  For dogs who need extra warmth, check out Posh Pawz' exclusive Leg warmers

Available in the following Faux Plush Furs:

Black/Teal Leopard, Snow Leopard, Gold/Brown Leopard, Plush Burgundy, Black/White, Brown/Beige, Plush Black, and Plush Brown.


Fleece Hoods, Scarves and Leg Warmers

*Also available in a wide variety of solid colors

Punjab Palace Fleece

Pair with Burgundy, Green, or even Fuchsia Fleece

Fall Leaves Fleece

Pair iwth Chocolate or Cream Fleece

Nordic Paisley Fleece

Pair with Magenta Fleece


Bisque Plaid Fleece with Mauve

Use as scarf with a Winter White Cordoroy, or great on it's own as a plaid fleece coat.

Mahogany Fern

Pair with Camel Fleece

Claret Fern

Pair with Brown Fleece


Toast Plaid Fleece with Fuchsia and Aqua

Use as scarf with any of the Fall toned Cordoroys, or great on it's own as a plaid fleece coat.

A fantastic Scarf adorned with a Wooden Button, Forehead Adornment or Monogram...says it all!  Why not pair your dog's Posh Pawz manteau with any of the snuggly warm coordinating Posh Pawz Fleece Accessory items!

Posh Weekend Fleece Hoods


Medium $34.00 US
Large $36.00 US
Extra Large $38.00 US

Posh Weekend Classic Scarves (Fleece)



$34.00 US


$36.00 US

Extra Large

$38.00 US


Posh Weekend Leg Warmers (Fleece)



$80.00 US


$90.00 US

Extra Large

$110.00 US


Adorned Fleece Hoods

Prices starting at $50 US

Aziza, ready to pounce is looking all glam in her Saluki Splendor Fall Fleece Hood!  The wonderful thing about some breeds is their absolute suitability for adornment.  And Posh Pawz is so all over that!

Whether a Crystal Bauble, Embroidered Monogram, Gilt Bullion Detail, or Tassel...Posh Pawz will adorn your dogs' practical couture, making it extraordinary!


Posh Pawz' fleece hoods can be completely customized to meet your dog's sense of style and taste.  These fleece snoods were designed with gilt bullion forehead adornments for two very fashionable Saluki girls. 

Black Faux Fur Hood with Brass Scroll Adornment and Leash Opening

$50 US

Feel free to inquire about dressing up your dog's scarves, snoods or even winter hoods...the Posh Pawz way!





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Saluki Snoods

Posh Pawz Snoods are here for Spring...

Perfect for keeping those unruly ears in place during mealtime. great for any long-eared breed!


Paw Muffs!

Just when you thought you'd seen everything!

Posh Scarves

Pair a sleek black or brown fur scarf with the New Elizabethan Manteau, or the Red Rococo scroll Manteau...or dress up a faux Leather coat with one of the fantastic patterned Scarves.  An added bonus, the Extra-Large sized scarves are perfectly fitted so you too can wear one to match your hound...how cool is that?!

Stock is currently available in the Extra-Large sized scarves (Greyhound, Pharoah, Doberman, and Saluki) faux fur scarves in the following faux furs.

Snow Leopard


Teal Leopard



Warm Leopard

Classic Mahogany

Jet Black