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Posh Pawz featured in Toronto Celebrate Pets Dog Fashion Show!

Recommend Posh Pawz to your Friends!


Posh Pawz featured in Toronto Celebrate Pets Dog Fashion Show!

Recommend Posh Pawz to your Friends!



Martingale Collar Adjustable Dog Collars   Martingale, Slip and Side Release Collars...custom designed for any breed, with gorgeous jacquard ribbon trims!  Gorgeous Dog Collars to suit both your taste as well as your dog's sense of style!\


Jacquard Collar Collection

Extravagance Collar Collection

A delectable culmination of luxurious trimmings and adjustable collars; Single Loop, Double Loop and Side Release...the choice is yours!



Crystal Dog Collars featuring glittering Brooches on a bed of sumptuous velvet...Martingale dog collars for the diva in your dog!


Swarovski Austrian Crystal Necklaces and Collars for your dog (or cat!)...

Signature Collar Collection

Austrian Crystal Necklaces

The Signature Collection represents the best of Posh Pawz and was one of the earliest collections I designed.  It remains to this day my favorite.

What is there to say...elegant, goppy, glittering wonderfulness!  Available in any size...so stunning you'll want one for yourself!


Velvet Martingale Dog Collars detailed with intricate gilt embellishments!  Regal martingale dog collars in your choice of color and design!



Swiss Velvet Dog Leashes, Velvet Show Leads,  Any width any color...custom designed luxurious leashes featuring rhinestones and crystals for your dog!

Gilt Noblesse Collection

Velvet Leashes

Posh Pawz' Nobility Collection features solid brass embellishments; wrapped up in velvet.  Simple, sleek; the Nobility Collection is about quiet grandeur and gilt opulence.

Plush Velvet soft to the touch, always elegant...in a variety of shades and hues; a perfect complement to any Posh Pawz Collar!

Dog Collars ensconced with tassels, beading and rhinestones...your dog never had it so luxurious!

Novelty Dog Collars featuring preppy designs, stripes, cakes, polka dots, casino dice~cards and more!

Tasseled Dog Collar Collection

Novelty Dog Collars

Oodles and oodles of tassels, beads and rhinestones!  A wardrobe "must" for sighthounds and all elegant long-necked breeds. 

For the fun at heart; beautiful unique collars, perfect for gifts for your favorite hobbyist or for that dog with a special sense of humor!


Renaissance Martingale Dog Collars featuring chenille brocade and velvet...

Tassel drops for your dog collar or leash!

 Renaissance Collar Collection

Collar Tassel Tag Clasps

A first in dog collar design...the Renaissance Collar Collection has the perfect martingale collar companion for your Renaissance Posh Pawz Manteau!

Tassels abound at Posh Pawz...a tassel here a tassel there....Collar Tassel Tag Clasps are the perfect choice for changing collar tags...in dramatic style, of course!

collar charms brass designer dog collars celebrity designs couture

Martingale Dog Collars dripping with Jewels, Bells, Tassels, Brass  Drops and Baubles!  Middle Eastern flavor designed specifically for Bedouin breeds...

 Brass Collar Charms and Embellishments

Saluki Splendor Collar Collection

Dazzlingly sumptuous collars for the hound who knows that "more is definitely better". Collars and trims with a distinctly Bedouin feel...not just for Salukis!

Posh Pawz Home

Posh Pawz Home





Dog Collars, Martingale, Side Release and Slip Collars for all breeds!


Candis Noble, designer 450-458-4345



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How to decide?  Martingale, Single Loop, Slip...Side Release?  Dog Collars, Dog Collars!...What to do!


New Jacquard Martingale Collars with brilliant colors, perfect for Summer!



 How to decide?  Martingale, Single Loop, Slip...Side Release?  Dog Collars, Dog Collars!...What to do!

Collar Styles and Nickel/Brass Hardware Choices

Single Loop; Double Loop; Side-Release...What's the difference?

Click here and learn more...

Martingale Dog Collars, Greyhound, Whippet, Italian Greyhound Martingales


Posh Pawz Custom Couture

Like what you see, but not sure it will work for your hard-to-fit dog?

No worries, with Posh Pawz, every coat and collar is custom-designed.

You'll be sure to have the fit your dog needs to stay warm while looking his posh best!


Posh Pawz' Sumptuous Fabrics

Always changing...always posh!  Doesn't your dog deserve the Posh Pawz look?

chenille, tapestr,y velve,t dupioni silk, luxurious fabrics