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Measuring your Posh Pup!


Please Remember

This is custom couture...not in-stock pre-made garments.  Your coat, hood, leggings or collar will be made using the measurements you provide.  "I'm not really very good at measuring" isn't a disclaimer.  If you're having difficulty, please feel free to call me if you require any assistance :-)

You are ultimately responsible for measuring your dog properly.

The How To's

Measuring your dog can seem a bit daunting, but it is actually very simple.  The pictures below will help you to see the measurements I require for various Posh Pawz pieces. 

Please do not add any extra to your measurements.  I require the dog's exact body measure. 

Run your measuring tape along your dog's body smoothly but not tightly, take your time and be as exacting as possible...and as always, if anything is unclear, please ask me for help.

Good Measurements make for Great Couture!


Collar Measurements

F.  Circumference from top of head to under jaw

G.  Top of Neck Circumference; from top of neck at highest point (near ears)

A. Neck Circumference



Coat Measurements




A. Neck Circumference

B.  Topline; from base of neck to base of tail (tail-set), where it attaches to the body

C.  Chest Circumference at widest point

C1. Top of back (near neck) to elbow (will most likely be slightly longer than half of C measurement)

D.  Base of neck to tuck (about 1 1/2" in front of penis for males; beneath narrowest tuck area for females...not too far back though).  Run the tape smoothly along the curve of the body with no slack.

E.  Tuck Circumference at narrowest point

I.  Entire Side-Length of Body at longest dimension, wrapping slightly around the front (halfway...between front legs/sternum) and wrapping along entire body length carrying it around halfway to the rear (just below the "pooper") ;-)



Hood Measurements



F.  Circumference from top of head to under jaw

G. Top of Neck Circumference; from top of neck at highest point (near ears)

A.  Neck Circumference

H.  From just above eyebrows (where hood would rest when drawn with elastic cord) up over the head and down the neck to just past where the coat neckline would be (by about an inch to allow it to be tucked beneath).  Let the tape run along the dog's neck without pulling it taught.

H1.  The lowest neck circumference ,when the hood will rest below the coat line by about 1"


Leg Warmer Measurements

J.  Circumference of Front Upper Legs at highest point

K.  Circumference of Rear Upper Legs at highest point

L.  Length of Front Legs from highest point (shown in diagram) to just above Toe-Joints

M.  Length of Rear Legs from highest point (shown in diagram) to just above Toe-Joints

N.  Circumference just above Front Toe-Joints

O.  Circumference just above Rear Toe-Joints

*J1. and K1.  These should be equal measurements.  They are for the crossing suspenders which form an X shape. 

*Take the tape from the inner armpit of the front leg as shown in diagram, and cross it over the dog's back to the alternating side's interior legpit...do the same for the other two opposite legs.  Hold the tape firmly against the dog's body.




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Need Help with Measuring?

Feel Free to email me at the above link or just pick up the phone and I'll walk you through it!