Step in to the luxurious world of Posh Pawz,® where classic design meets sumptuous couture, where fantasy is inspiration’s muse … and where dog collars become art.

Posh Pawz® … Collars. As. Art.
The Unveiling. Summer 2015.

We invite you to persue our Legacy Website featuring our foundation designs and to follow us on Facebook where our latest collections and Posh-a-Porter Trunk Sales are presented weekly. Wholesale inquiries welcomed.

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Dog Collars and Martingale Collars; luxury for your Whippet, Greyhound, Italian Greyhound or Sighthoundcanada designer dog attire celebrity couture dog costume design movies cinema theatreLuxurious Dog Collars for you Doberman, Golden, Dachshund or Poodle!.




Martingale Collars designed by Posh Pawz

Designer Dog Couture, The Collection

(Oodles of Luxurious Dog Coats, and Sumptuous Martingale Collars, Click on each individual collection within the following two pages and enjoy all the numerous pages of fabulous fashion for your dog!)

Luxurious Martingale Collars, Chenille Dog Coats, Cozy Dog Pajamas, Faux Fur Hoods and Leggings, Cotton Snoods, Fashionable Scarves and more!

silk whippet coat

Dog Coats Pajamas Scarves Hoods and Accessories

(Designer Fashion Dog Coats, Dog Pajamas, Faux Fur Dog Scarves, Leggings, Snoods, Fleece Dog Coats and more!)

Martingale Collars, Swarovski Crystal Collars, Velvet Leashes, Tassels and more!

jacquard martingale collars

Martingale Dog Collars Necklaces and Leashes

(Greyhound and Whippet Martingale Collars, All breed Martingale Dog Collars, Crystal Dog Collars and Necklaces, Plush Velvet Leashes and more!)

Martingale Collars, Custom Designer Elegant Dog Collars for Greyhound, Italian Greyhound, Doberman, Saluki, Pug,Vizsla, Weimaraner and more!

tassel dog collars saluki styles

Dog Collar Styles

(Which Dog Collar is right for you and your Dog? Single Loop Maringale Collars, Double Loop Martingale Collar, Side Release Collars, Tag Collars, No Slip Collars and more!)

Chenille, Velvet, Tapestry, Damask, Jacquard - Designer Fabrics for your custom designer dog coat!

Sumptuous Trimmings and Fabrics

(Custom Designer Dog Coat Fabrics in Damask, Tapestry, Velvet, Chenille and Brocade)

Tips on measuring your dog for Posh Pawz' custom designer martingale collars and sumptuous dog attire!

How to Measure your Posh Pup!

(Dog Coat and Martingale Collar Measurements Assistance.. Designer Dog Couture is just a measuring tape away!)

Details and information about your dogs' custom couture!

Contact Info, Policies and Stuff you want to know

(How long will it take for Custom Dog Couture, What are your methods of payment...and various and sundry other queries!)

Interested in carrying Posh Pawz dog couture in your boutique?

Posh Pawz' Retail Members Chifforobe

(Wholesale Information for Exclusive Dog Couture Boutiques)

Pictures of your dogs strutting their stuff in Posh Pawz designer martingale collars and coats!

My Dog is Posh... Slideshow of your Posh Pups!

(Your Dogs strutting their stuff wearing Posh Pawz Custom Designer Dog Martingale Collars, Dog Coats and Couture!

How Posh Pawz dog couture began...Me and my two whippets

Posh Pawz in the News and a little About Me!

(How I came to become a Designer to Dogs! Who knew!?!)

High end fashion paired with Posh Pawz couture...A dog fashion show; who knew?

Posh Pawz on the Fashion Runway!

(High Fashion Dog Couture...Posh Pawz hits the Toronto Celebrate Pets Fashion Show Runway!)

Chic Chenille Dog Coats, Cozy Dog Pajamas, Faux Fur Hoods and Leggings, Cotton Snoods, Fashionable Scarves and more!

Friends of Posh Pawz; Links of Interest


Fashionable Dog Collars, Designer Dog Coats, for your Afghan, Saluki, Pharaoh; Canine Couture at its best!

Celebrity styled dog couture by Montreal Designer Candis Noble-Harris

Designer Dog coats, Dog Collars; Custom, Elegant High Fashion Couture for your Posh Dog!

Posh Pawz is all about custom designed high-end couture for dogs...Opulent martingale dog collars, velvet dog leashes, crystal dog necklaces, extravagantly plush dog coats, faux fur dog scarves, hoods and even cozy dog pajamas! Fancy custom martingale collars to funky martingale collars; Plush dog leashes, to rhinestone embellished leashes; Elegant dog coats to romp and frolic dog attire; Novelty martingale collars to preppy striped dog collars; Austrian Crystal custom martingale dog collars to emerald cut crystal dog necklaces; Tasseled Martingale collars, to jacquard trimmed martingale dog collars. Velvet slip show leashes, to bauble studded walking slip leads; Double loop custom martingale dog collars, to single loop adjustable martingale dog collars; Side release dog collars to no-slip dog collars....Whatever you and your dog's tastes...Posh Pawz is the perfect fit. Why not let Posh Pawz be your dog's personal couturier?

Have a hard to fit dog? As with many mixed breeds, purebreds, and sighthounds alike; nothing is worse than not being able to find the right martingale dog collar or dog coat to fit your and your dog's needs. Whether you have a Whippet, Saluki, or Italian Greyhound, Doberman, or Golden...a Newfie, Lab or Mastiff...a Galgo, Sloughi, or Azawak, (sing it with me) ...a Pomeranian, Papillon or Terrier, a Poodle, Schnoodle or Labradoodle, a Pug, Bull Dog or Boxer , and most especially a pampered Rescue Mix...Posh Pawz is absolutely poshpawzitively here for you!

At Posh Pawz as every design is made to's all about custom fitting your dog, his needs, and your good taste! The key word is custom; custom dog collars, custom dog coats, nothing generic, just custom designs for your unique dog.

Sketching, designs, and implementing exciting and fashionable ideas are a part of my everyday life. Surrounding myself with sumptuous fabrics and trimmings, hues and textures has no doubt influenced my personal sense of style and taste. I think you will sense that as you begin to experience the Posh Pawz look by looking at my designs throughout this website.

I've often wondered why dog coats and dog collars aren't more chic; more interesting; more elegant; why they aren't well-designed and less utilitarian; why they aren't... fun?

I designed for my own dogs which led in no time to my designing for all dogs! What started out as a whim, soon became a passion. I really love what I do and like to think that it shows in my work. My sketches, designs, patterns...all the way through to the finished product are custom-made for each individual dog. No two patterns are identical. I design with the idea in mind, that dog coat styling must follow the lines of the breed as well as those of the individual dog...and martingale dog collars...well they must work well while looking phenomenal.

There is a very distinct look and feel to my dog couture; everything from cutting edge and trendy, to quietly classic. The quality is top notch and the look; stunning. It's a new way of thinking about dogs and dog attire. It's fresh, it's new...and it's absolutely Posh Pawz.

The use of only high-end tapestries, velvets, faux-leathers, damasks; is my trademark...those sumptuous fabrics normally used exclusively for upholstered pieces...only to come to life in completely new ways. My trimmings are wonderful silks, tassels, rhinestones, passementeries and sumptuous faux-furs. My materials, fittings, hardware and clasps are of the highest quality to assure your Authentic Posh Pawz piece will wear as well as it looks. Luxurious materials, flexible-functional design, practical warmth, incredible style…it’s what makes this all work.

The outstanding marriage of good design and quality materials, provides both comfort for your dog and longevity of my products. Excellent workmanship ensures that your Posh Pawz piece will outlast and outperform any others, you've ever owned. Isn't it about time your dog experienced the Posh Pawz look?


Candis Noble-Harris, Designer to Dogs

Posh Pawz is dedicated to raising the bar in dog attire design, and is complimented by seeing its influence within the dog attire community, yet takes its copyrights very seriously. Please read the Copyright information below.

Designer Maringale Collars and Designer Coats for Dogs; luxurious stying, gorgeous designer fashion for your dog! Greyhound Coats, Whippet Coats, Dog Coats, Doberman Coats...all with the designer dog couture styling of Posh Pawz!

On to Dog Coats

Elegant Dog Coats and Martingale Dog Collars; Formal Fashion for your Dog!

Candis Noble, designer 450-458-4345

Stunning Greyhound Martingale Collars, Whippet Martingale Collars and Coats, Sighthound Martingale Collars, Posh Paws

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Crystal Dog Collars and Necklaces

crystal dog collars

Crystal Collars and Necklaces back in stock!saluki dog collars

Saluki Splendor Collection Collars



Swarovski Crystal Custom Hound Necklaces~

swiss velvet leashes dog leads

Wholesale Requests

Interested in carrying Posh Pawz dog couture in your luxuriously high-end, uber-fashionable, just-to-die-for doggy boutique?

Interested in carrying Posh Pawz dog couture in your boutique?

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Martingale Dog Collars and Dog Coats Priced at par!

Dog Collar Styles...What's the difference?

Wondering about Martingale Collars? Ever wonder what exactly "is" a Martingale Collar? What style of martingale collar is right for your dog? And more importantly, can all breeds wear and enjoy the benefits of Martingale Dog Collars?

Click on the above link to know which Posh Pawz dog collar style is the best choice for you and your dog. Whether a traditional Double Loop Martingale Collar, a Single Loop Martingale, a No-Slip Collar, a Tag Collar, or Side-Release Collar...Posh Pawz will design the perfect collar for your dog!

Whippet Collars, Martingale Collars and more all at closeout sale prices!

Posh Pawz Martingale Collar Closeout Sale

Closeout Martingale Collars and Side Release Dog Collars at 30% off until gone...take a peek!

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Posh Dog Pajamas; Trendy Fashion for Dogs, Cool Dog Collars, Fancy Dog Coats and more!


High-end dog attire; Posh Pawz is custom couture for all breeds of dogs


Celebrity styled dog couture by Montreal Designer Candis Noble-Harris...Martingale Collars, Runway Couture and More!